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"All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction,
and for training in righteousness, so that everyone who belongs to God may be
proficient, equipped for every good work." - 2 Timothy 3:16-17

The Discipleship Sunday School Class ~ 9:15am in Education Building ~ Room 103

The class is open to to everyone, old and new. 

Invite a friend or neighbor.  For additional information contact

Bob Siegmann at sieg@bellsouth(dot)net

Open Door Sunday School  - 9:30am in the Parlor
You can also join by Zoom - All are welcome!

Contact Sandy Luster at w_luster@yahoo(dot)com

John Knox Sunday School - 9:15am in Education Building Room 102

Anne Kilpatrick at gretlsmom@gmail(dot)com or
John Thomas at jntjr@bellsouth(dot)net for John Knox.

Women's Retreat Two Deacons.jpg
Small Groups

Click here to learn about our Sunday School classes.


PRAYER GROUPS -  All prayers are confidential unless otherwise specified.

Women’s Prayer Groups:  

Mondays at 10am in the Education Building - Room 103 
Tuesdays at 12:30pm in the Parlor.  Bring your lunch.
Submit your prayer requests here:

Friday Prayer Group - Meet at 6:00am in room 103.  If you are an early riser and interested in growing your prayer time, you are welcome to join. We will spend about 25- 30 minutes talking about prayer needs and then about the same amount of time in prayer and finish by 7:00. For more information contact Bob Holmes at bobholmeslms@earthlink(dot)net or 
Tim Fenbert at tim@fenbert(dot)com.

Men's Bible Study Group: Saturdays at 8:30am

at Tom Lockwood's home
Contact Tom Lockwood at tmlckwd@gmail(dot)com




Contact: linda@clairmontpres(dot)org

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