What is the Moassat, Egypt?

In the midst of upheaval and uncertainty, the Presbyterian Church of Egypt is hard at work. They are planting churches and revitalizing century-old congregations. And recently, Clairmont has begun a partnership with our sister church in Moassat, Egypt.


Moassat is a community located about twelve miles east of Cairo. Moassat, like so many other suburbs of Cairo, is an area of extreme poverty, illiteracy, disease, and where children have to work instead of going to school and far too many adults are unable to find work at all.


Their pastor, Reverend Ekram graduated two years ago from seminary and is married with two children. He started the church with just one family, and now worships around 100 families each week.

Their vision is to see the expansion and realization of God’s Kingdom on earth. They do so by providing pastoral care and spiritual acts, through evangelism, medical campaigns, and providing food supplies for both Christian and non-Christians.

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How can I help?

  • Pray for the church in Moassat, Egypt and specifically for Reverend Ekram and his family

  • Learn about the church in Egypt and God's faithfulness to Christians there

  • Seek to learn about and understand Muslim culture, Islam and the ongoing political and religious conflicts in the Middle East

  • Ask questions of people who have traveled to Egypt

  • Travel to Egypt with a team from Clairmont

  • Connect with the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo by signing up for their email updates

  • Pray for our mission partners teaching at the seminary in Cairo and for the seminary students

  • Write periodic emails to the Moassat Church to help us stay connected to one another

The Moassat Church is currently worshipping in a rented garage, but are working to build a more permanent and larger space for worship. The current vision is for a building with three floors. The ground floor would be for the various social services they offer, including a medical clinic and preschool, which would be open to the entire community. The second floor, the main worship hall. And the third as an apartment for the pastor’s family. They hope to complete this sometime in 2016.


We recently provided over $16,000 to help with their building project, but developing a partnership in Moassat is so much more than financial support. We recently brought a mission team over to Egypt to serve hand-in-hand with their church, and we will have another team leaving in October of 2016 for a return trip. We can be encouraged by hearing the ways that God is working through the Moassat Church to bring about God’s kingdom here on earth. And I am confident that the Moassat Church will be encouraged, not just by our financial support but also by our desire for a strong relationship with them. And we can pray for Reverend Ekram and his church. Right now, their specific prayer requests are for leaders who can reach the community around them with the good news of the Gospel and for the finances needed to complete their building project.


We are dreaming about exactly what this partnership will look like, but I am confident that God will work in and through us in the years to come. We will learn and grow and be challenged and encouraged by the faith of our brothers and sisters in Egypt.