Clairmont Presbyterian Church actively serves the community in which it is nestled as well as communities throughout Atlanta and around the world.

Among the ministries we support are:

Azalea Village. Azalea Village is an outreach cause that is closest to Clairmont's heart. We have 7 houses on our campus which, in coalition with non-profit groups in Atlanta, we provide for individuals and families in need of transitional housing. We have had residents who are refugees, seminary students, families struggling with homelessness, and non-profit workers. The Clairmont family provides funding for these people to live rent-free, furnishing for the houses, and manual labor to keep the houses in good condition. Most importantly, Clairmont aspires to grow and nurture relationships with the residents in Azalea Village, creating community with them and providing support where needed.

To learn more about Azalea Village, please click here.

Local Ministries. Our outreach team is committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and through deed. Our mission is to deepen our commitment in our local partnerships through serving our community and providing aid to transform lives and our society.

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Global Ministries. One of the foundational claims of the Presbyterian church is that we are a connectional church, which means that we do not exist in and for ourselves, but we are integrally tied to one another, through Jesus Christ, whether we are here in Atlanta, GA or halfway around the world in Egypt. And today, thanks to technological advancements in travel and communications, we’re not just connectional in name, but in practice. And so, two years ago, we launched a partnership with a church in Moassat, Egypt. While financial support is part of our partnership, our goal is that we would also be connected through mutual prayer and encouragement, as we recognize that the church in Egypt has much to teach us about following Christ in the world today. God is up to something in Egypt and we’re excited to be part of it.

To learn more, please click here.

You can help the people of la Gonâve, Haiti battle the spread of COVID19 across their island.  There is little clean water available and without water for even washing hands, the islanders will have absolutely no protection from the coronavirus.

The women of Clairmont are requesting help with the following:

  • Joining the fight against COVID in la Gonâve, Haiti.

  • Contributing $10 for one five gallon bucket;

  • $16 to purchase a case of the liquid chlorine solution.

Whatever amount you are able to contribute will be greatly appreciated.  You can make a check out to Clairmont Presbyterian Church and in the memo put “Water Buckets for Haiti,”  text Clairmont to 73256

We will be collecting donations during the months of August and Sept. 


If you have any questions, please contact Deb Morelli at                                          Mesi. Thank you.

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