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Clairmont Presbyterian Church 2023 Stewardship: Rooted in Faith, Grounded in Love

2023 Commitment to Clairmont

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God calls us to actively practice Stewardship.  It is a blessing to others  –  as well as a blessing to ourselves.  Each of us is blessed by our Heavenly Father in different ways and at different levels.  But, truly, we are each blessed!  And it is our responsibility to give of our time, talents, and resources as an expression of our faith in, and love for, our Father, as well as our love for others.


Join us as we continue practicing Stewardship at Clairmont. While we are in challenging times, we are thankful that God can use even these circumstances to root us in faith and ground us in love!

Thankfully, He has given us stewardship as an important means of practicing our faith and staying spiritually healthy.

Go to this link to sign up in Realm and to pledge on Realm.

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