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Discipleship Class

Bible study, prayer time, and fellowship. The class is open to new members so bring someone with you who hasn’t been attending Sunday school. For additional information contact Bob Siegmann at 404 403-1250 or sieg@bellsouth(dot)net.

John Knox Class 
We are your "little" church at Clairmont with a rhythm of fellowship, hymns, prayer and teaching. Senior Adults are invited to join us for good snacks and a chance to prepare your heart for the service. Contact Richard Hopkins at earthnvine2008@gmail(dot)com or Frank Arnold at fharnold1@gmail(dot)com for more information.

Open Door Class meets in person and is also available via Zoom (link below).

We are a committed group: committed to each other and committed to opening our hearts and minds to God every week. Please join us for a time to meet and make friends with fellow sojourners on the Christian walk. All ages are welcome to attend. To join virtually, click here: Open Door Zoom.

Contact: Sandy Luster w_luster@yahoo(dot)com.

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