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Clairmont Presbyterian Church was organized on April 6, 1952 in the auditorium of W.D. Thomson School on the corner of LaVista Road and North Druid Hills. 


Rev. Max Milligan was called to be our first pastor in 1953. Our kindergarten opened in 1956 for all children in the community regardless of race or creed. As our congregation grew, we eventually built our Family Life Center, which hosts our basketball league and youth group, as well as Milligan Hall, where we have fellowship events and Sunday School.


Azalea Village Ministry was founded in 2005, where the properties behind Clairmont were then designated to be missional resources. By partnering with local and national ministries, our Azalea Village homes are utilized by refugees, seminary students, families struggling with homelessness, and non-profit workers. 


Missions has always been a cornerstone of Clairmont. Over the years we have focused our international efforts in Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, and now with our sister church in Moassat, Egypt. In addition to supporting our members' missionary passions, our local ministry work encompasses the Decatur area with LaAmistad, Toco Hills Community Alliance, and our own Azalea Village ministry.


Many generations of faithful ministry comprise the history of Clairmont. And following the lead of those who have gone before us, this generation of the Clairmont family continues the tradition of being a Christ-centered community of faith that is deeply rooted in God's Word.  We carry on the mission of Christ on this corner of North Druid Hills and Clairmont Road because we believe that everyone needs to know the deep love, forgiveness, and reconciliation of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why we gather around God's Word each Sunday for worship.  That is why we continue our ministries of Azalea Village and Toco Hills Cooperative Ministry that minister to people in need.  That is why we foster new partnerships like the LaAmistad after-school program. "To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known" is what we strive to do, both in word and in deed.  And we pray that it will continue to be our church family's legacy.


As Clairmont continues to thrive, the words Dr. Milligan spoke in 1955 are still fitting: "Someone has dreamed a wonderful dream which, under the power of God's Spirit, has become a reality in Clairmont Presbyterian Church. The glory for every spiritual and physical accomplishment must be entirely given to God."

Former and Current Pastors: Rev. Max Milligan, Rev. Jack Oates, Dr. Scott Weimer, Rev. Tom Pipkin, Rev. Owen Stepp, Rev. Megan Johnson

Associate/Parish Associate Pastors: Rev. Steve Riser, Rev. Brint Keyes, Rev. Michael Wilson, Rev. Kimmy Stokesbury, Rev. Bobby Hulme-Lippert,

Rev. Frank Arnold, Rev. Ron Hieber, and Rev. David Black

Interim Pastors: Dr. Fifield, Rev. Joan Gray, Rev. Jan Blissett, Rev. Dr. Nicole Lock

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