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Director of Ministry to Parents and Children

Job Description 


To know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and to make Him known to others. 


Primary Function 

The Director of Ministry to Parents and Children will share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with the children of Clairmont Presbyterian Church and their families. Equipping parents for the Spiritual Formation of their children, building relationships with each of our children and their parents through Sunday morning classes and worship, periodic special events, and opportunities for mission and service are the primary goals. The Director will set the schedule, plan events, coordinate Sunday morning discipleship, oversee the nursery, and nurture our families with young children. This position reports to the Pastor and is supported by an active Elder and robust group of volunteer leaders.  


Goals for Children’s Ministry 

Our primary goal for this ministry is to equip parents in their call to provide spiritual nurture to their children in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. When on our campus, we desire that our children will grow to know and believe, through nurture and discipleship, that they are loved, belong to, and have always belonged to God and to Christ’s body on earth, the church.


Hours and work week 

  • Fifteen to twenty hours per week (negotiable)

  • Sunday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (later for special events)

  • Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (includes staff meeting)

  • Attend ministry meeting with Pastor

  • Other duties as requested by the Pastor within the parameters established for a typical work week.  

  • Additional hours may be spent on or off campus:

    • Two hours of curriculum writing or coordination 

    • Two hours of volunteer communication and coordination 

    • Two hours of family support and correspondence 

    • With the Elder for CFM, coordinate and attend CFM meetings monthly (3-4 hours per month (to include preparation time)

    • Plan, coordinate and and implement a week-long, half or full day camp (e.g. VBS, Music, Worship and the Arts, or some other idea)

While most weeks will require 15+ hours of work, certain special events throughout the Church calendar year may require additional hours (e.g. summer camp, advent family event, periodic parent-oriented events)




  • Negotiable, though presumably a salaried position

  • Three weeks paid vacation (this too is negotiable)

  • Six to eight Sundays away, so long as they predominantly correspond with school schedules/vacations and scheduled children’s activities when families are typically out of town

  • Study leave / conference attendance

  • Benefits commensurate with hours worked according to the personnel manual



Responsibilities in Detail:

We are navigating, like all churches, a post-covid landscape for ministry to Parents and their Children. We have observed and heard from our parents a desire to spend less time at church, yet a heightened need for resources in nurturing children in a post-Christendom culture. To honor the desire for family schedules with fewer demands, and the rest and freedom parents have enjoyed being home more often, we are shifting the focus of this position to one of resourcing, supporting, and encouraging parents in their ministry to their children. We also intend to welcome and embrace children into the life of the congregation as we have always done, but we recognize that our time with children is more condensed.  


  • Since our current ministry is small, seek to cultivate personal relationships with our families and their children, with a sensitivity toward their children’s individual needs and the rhythm of what families desire for their children from the church in this season

  • With the Pastor, cultivate materials to support the spiritual nurture and formation of children at home and through the structures of the church and in collaboration with liturgical seasons and sermon series.

  • Host periodic gatherings for parents of children to support them in the spiritual development and nurture of their lives in Christ

  • Lead and/or coordinate volunteers to offer a 3-5 minute “Time for Children” in worship

  • Plan weekly Sunday School for Children (currently occurs during the second half of the worship service)

  • Cultivate and train adult volunteers for Children’s programming

  • With the coordinator for Youth Ministry, recruit youth involvement in Children’s events

  • With the support and involvement of the Pastor, coordinate discipleship-based special events (Sacraments class, parenting support, Bible presentations) 

  • Both individually and with volunteers, debrief Sunday mornings, follow up on anything with children and/or their families that requires follow-up, check in/thank volunteers and write an email to parents about what happened that day with their children, prompting/directing them for the week ahead. 

  • Coordinate the involvement of the larger church in the CFM through prayer partners and other intergenerational events

  • With the Elder for CFM, cultivate a ministry team and coordinate monthly meetings

  • With the Director of Administration, ensure all staff and volunteers have background checks and annual training for the safe care of children and youth (first aid, CPR, best practices in education) 

  • Ensure all staff and volunteers have background checks and annual training for the safe care of children and youth (first aid, CPR, best practices in education) 


Coordinate special activities for Children’s Ministry including:

  • “Adventure”

  • Christmas Eve Nativity

  • Special Lenten focus for children and families

  • Periodic gatherings for children and families

  • A mentoring relationship/prayer partner for each child with an older member of the congregation. 


Plan Music, Arts, and Worship Camp ~ or VBS for one week in summer, (planning begins in January) 

  • Plan and implement curriculum 

  • Coordinate advertisement and registration 

  • Recruit adult and youth volunteers 

  • Facilitate volunteer training 


Supervise the Nursery and the nursery staff

  • Work with the SitterTree agency to ensure on-going job posting and fulfillment of sitter requests

  • Build relationships with families utilizing the nursery

  • Ensure the nursery is properly cleaned and supplied



Contact Rev. Megan Johnson for more information


Rev. Megan Johnson:

Pastor, Clairmont Presbyterian Church

1994 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA 30033


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